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just finished reading another of J.D. Robb's books. This one was Apprentis in Death. The killers did not die but were caught. It was about a father that was ex-Army, ex-cop and good with shooting and he wanted a boy but got a girl and taught her to kill without feeling. She learned that alright that not only did she do his mission but she had her own. She was taught by him to hate and that she did. She was only 15 years old but she was very scary and mean and did not care. I have that situation with the bully above me. Not sure he wants me dead or not,but, he certainly thinks he has rights here and wants me gone. I have lived in this building 7 years and if I am right he came in 3 years ago. He acts like he can do whatever he wants and treat me the way he wants. I wonder if he has done that to others and why someone would act that way and have no conscience and do all that he does to want to make my life miserable and gets away with it and I am the only one that sees the truth. He is a liar and makes himself out to be the victim. He has someone calls on the phone to complain about me and also mentioned I have a cat. I wish someone would get him out of this building and make sure he never does what he does to me and probably others ever again. I am just talking about him going far far away where he belongs.
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I'm afraid I won't compare my life to a book what I have read. My life is different from that of the author's idea.
ok and you do not have to compare your life to a book. That is how you feel. Some people can relate to some books or stories they have read. I just thought it was a good idea for a post. 

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