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I know not all have Netflix here. I do and there are times I like to share things with you about some things I saw on Netflix that if you have it you may want to check them out too.

I just finished 4 seasons of the Crown and then I saw a program on Diana.

I must say I understood some things better that happened in the show. It is about the Royal Family during Queen Elizabeth !! reign. I watched taking a good look at their lives and when Diana came on the scene I really was interested in how her life was. They seemed like cold people and did not care about others. I felt bad for Diana when she married Charles. She felt out an outsider and no one would listen to her and the Queen basically told her and Charles both to suck it up. They would not let certain members of the family marry who they wanted and made them marry others they did not really love. It seemed Charles at times loved Diana and at other times hated her. She was very popular and more so than him. People wanted to see her and not him so he resented that. He loved someone else and made it known and Diana was right when she said there were 3 people in their marriage. He was a very cold person and was never taught love. I believe the Queen seemed like the only one that married the person she wanted. It was very eye opening. I do not know if I liked it or thought of it as an education. Someone mentioned that it was not real on another site I am on. I have no idea what really goes on inside their Kingdom but if that was a glimpse of what does go on I have seen that in real life. I suggest you check it out yourselves and see if it is for you or not. You know you can always go on to something else if you do not like it.
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I have a Netflix account. Recently I.watched the 2003 movie about The Italian Job. It's a crime/action movie.
I noticed it. Isn't it in Italian? Yes, I know it has English subtitles. I like watching Spanish stuff and things in English and in Hebrew.