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I am shocked and angry about the events that are happening today in The Capital Building.  I pray that the members of the Houses of Congress will do their constitutional duty and affirm the will of the American people as was determined in November 2020. These types of sedition of entering the Capitol building are not acceptable.  

Mr. Joe Biden The President Elect gave such a good speech that Generations of Americans should memorize it along with the Gettysburg Address and the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  

Americans desire Joe Biden as President to start Now. No more waiting.  Inauguration now!
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I was just getting ready to say something about this myself.

Biden spoke for over 7 minutes about what is happening...Trump spoke for just over 1 minute and it was more of his baseless lies  abut the election being stolen. 
I agree with you. Trump should be impeached now since both Houses of Congress are in session an they have the power to do so. I hope that we will wake up tomorrow to a stronger American government. 
But are the 'Republicans ' brave enough to do this? I hope so or they will never be voted into office again. 
Trump was receiving some pretty strongly worded rebukes when the house and senate went back into session last night. 
Start by voting out these people from the Proud State of Virginia 

Ben Cline, Bob Good, Morgan Griffith, Robert Wittman.  

They were part of the enabling of mr.trump
I am sorry to say that the rebukes were not strong enough and way too late.  The time for Mr. Trump to concede was on Election night or the day after and not to continue to rant about the election being "stolen".  If anything was stolen, he stole the 2016 election from Mrs. Clinton, because he didn't get the popular vote.  
But in 2016, Mrs. Clinton conceded on Election night and there was an orderly transfer of power, with no violence and storming of the Capitol during a Constitutionally mandated vote to certify the results of the Electorial college. 
The popular vote really does not matter here because it is not what decides who is elected. 

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