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It was hard to say goodbye to my radiator but to the garbage, it went. I had it for a long time and got many good years with it. Now, I have a smaller one and a heater and will get a backup heater also just in case I will need it. You cannot have too many heaters because you never know when you will need them. Now, winter is starting here.
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Yes, it is never nice for something like that to stop working when it gets cold. 

Thank you and that is very very true to have to go out when it is cold out to find something else to heat up a room.
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Winter is here and, my radiators are good but, with heaters it's win or lose. i am thankful that my little heater is lasting 12 years, according to my calculations, which is great!
I bought some new heaters because my radiator gave out and got new heaters and they work very well.