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I got my first dose of the 2-shot Pfizer vaccine March 10 and I go back for the second one March 31

I hope I got the kind with the secret tracking microchip in it and not the one that makes you grow a horn in  the middle of your forehead. 
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You're really funny JJ!


But seriously, did you feel any side effects?

Good that you already took the shot.

I haven't been vaccinated yet. Vaccination here is slowly rolllin', a lot of delays. From what I know of there's Astrazeneca and Sinovac. 

The first one didn't bother me at all, we'll see how the second one goes. 

I see some idjit came in and voted this down so the discussion no longer shows  you liked it :pinch:

Some people just don't have anything good to do... tsk... tsk...