Frequently Asked Questions

The following is the frequently asked questions on our forum. Please read this for an idea about how the things work here. Click on any question below to show or hide the answer.
  • What kind of posts can be added?
  • You can add posts on any topic as long as it does not contain any illegal or adult content. Do not spam. We don't want too broad questions like 'how to fly' 'when to sleep' etc and too narrow queries like 'how many seats are there in Freddy's saloon'. Don't go too technical as we don't intend to deal with rocket science or programming codes. Make sure posts are helpful or interesting to the site and it's users.
  • What should not be in the responses?
  • We don't want any response stating 'I don't know' OR 'search on the internet'. Such replies are very much disgusting to a person asking a question. Every question is important to the person asking it.
  • How Rankings are calculated?
  • Rankings are calculated on the basis of total crazy points acquired by a user. More points means better the rank.
  • How can I earn Crazy points?
  • You can earn crazy points as you contribute to the website and when others interact with your posts. There are many ways to earn points on the forum and we have an intelligent algorithm to calculate earnings.
  • How Crazy Points are calculated?
  • Crazy Points are determined by several factors. These factors include the contributions made by a user, other user's interactions to your inputs, average character count and unique human visits. These points are calculated automatically several times a week.
  • How can I redeem my crazy points?
  • You can redeem crazy points on fifteenth of every month once your account meets the minimum threshold. The minimum threshold is two dollars or two thousand crazy points. Crazy points can be redeemed through paypal or skrill (skrill minimum payout is ten dollars). To make a payout send the letter 'P' to the admin in a private message. Admin profile page - Admin Profile
  • Who moderates this community?
  • We have moderators and a set of programs to keep the community clean. Members can also flag or report any unforeseen inappropriate contents.

    If there is anything lacking, please use the feedback form.