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Full name: Jason Hubbard
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.
About: Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (to an accountant and a housewife).

Accountant's job moved the family to Durant, Oklahoma; to Enid, Oklahoma; and back to Oklahoma City.

After several years in Oklahoma City, Housewife continued her education & became a Teacher. Accountant got full certification & also became a lawyer--successfully for a while--but stuff went wrong.

Naturally 'I blame myself'; I got hit by a car & survived at great costs---costs that helped cause Accountant/Lawyer to do things that got him disbarred, that helped Accountant decide to start a new life elsewhere.

While that old life was falling apart, I was failing college. With the Accountant's problems to distract everyone, I could convince myself I was doing well. (I actually don't remember if I was "failing" so-much-as I just decided I didn't want to do it anymore ... I dunno) But--after the Accountant was long-gone--it became clear that I'm 'incapable of living independently' ... in a way (and not a GOOD way), I can't "grow up"---i.e. I CAN understand mature things etc., but I can't consistently 'bow to the grindstone.' i guess.

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