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About: Like some mylot members, I've found myself here. Like music, relaxing books, Chinese and other dramas with interesting plots:)

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rainy day and i feel  hungry!
Jul 25 by moonandstars
what to eat for dinner:(
Jul 15 by moonandstars
i'm sleepy, due to this weather...
Jul 12 by moonandstars
tomorrow is already friday, omg!
Jul 9 by moonandstars
parliament elections here. o, that politics...
Jul 5 by moonandstars
we are in july now. yes!!!!
Jul 2 by moonandstars
i hope it will start raining, it's so humid. god...
Jun 25 by moonandstars
back to capital city. it's 27 Celsius degrees. I miss my birthplace. it was so much colder there:(
Jun 23 by moonandstars
it's almost holiday in my country. i don't like holidays much...
Jun 19 by moonandstars